Fylde Foreign Language Centre provides group and one-to-one tuition in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian, Portuguese and Mandarin. Classes are held at Great Eccleston Village Centre and St Annes Cricket Club, and are taught by a range of experienced and friendly tutors.























Group classes - £10.

One to one - £30 an hour.


Contact us on 01995 671962 or via email at info@fyldeflc.com for further information. Alternatively, like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram @fyldeforeignlanguage for updates.


Phone: 01995 671962

Email: info@fyldeflc.com

Owner and tutor, Rebecca

Jacqueline Gold, Women in Business Winner Award beckie ana andria anne rebecca marcos marco mandy jianmei eileen

Mandy teaches

French and Italian

Rebecca teaches

Italian and English

Marco teaches Portuguese

Marcos teaches Spanish

Anne teaches

French and Spanish

Andria teaches Greek

Ana teaches Portuguese

Jianmei teaches Mandarin

Eileen teaches Russian